Mindfulness & Yoga Programs for Kids & Adults

Can you imagine a mindful world?

… a world where the definition of success is “do what you love”

… a world where people understand that they matter

… a world where children have the tools to manage anxiety, stress, and feelings of inadequacy

… a world where human talent is recognized and valued  

Nyah Project

We develop youth leaders through transformative experiences abroad.  Through acts of service, these youth leaders connect to new cultures, which allows them to discover their true leadership purpose.
Each year we select a talented cohort of diverse teens from underserved communities as Nyah Project Fellows.  We expose them to prominent leaders from the civic, business and professional community, both locally and abroad.  

We provide intensive training in human factor leadership, social entrepreneurship and experiential learning in amazing international destinations, which include: Ghana, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Namibia