Wander Not Lost Sessions:

The goal is to restore your own power of healing and wisdom. Wander Not Lost Sessions are private sessions created to provide you with the space to tap into your own innate knowing. Using breath, yoga and meditation to clear the mind, we create the space for your true presence and consciousness. Once we are able to connect you to this state, we begin carving the path for your healing and transformation. 

These sessions are individually tailored and thus unique from person to person.  We work on the subtle body, as well as the emotional and physical body, clearing karmic patterns, activating potential, and restoring the nervous system.



Creative Catalyst Sessions:

These sessions are for creative entrepreneurs, healers, and business owners that are looking to wander within, find their voice, and apply it to their professional endeavors. These private sessions are designed to get your creative juices flowing and to explore different ways of being that will allow you to bring your project  to the next level. From content creation, to business strategy, to event planning, these sessions are where woo woo meets the real world and magic happens.



tribe sessions

I heal, you heal, we all heal. These sessions are tailored to specific group experiences in a private setting. These sessions are perfect for couples, families, sports teams, corporate teams etc. We begin with an intake session to understand the journey you would like the group to undergo and the outcome desired.